Affluenza or Misogynist?

At the start of the holiday weekend you may have heard of Elliot Rodger. He turned out to be the shooter near the UCSB campus who killed 6 people and wounded another 13 before taking his own life as police closed in. The only thing I am trying to figure out about him was did he suffer from affluenza or was he a misogynist? Maybe it was a combination of both. Continue reading

The Call

This is not the typical post you expect from Wonderland. This is not some crime story or current case. I decided to take things a little personal this time. All anyone who reads this knows is what was put in my introduction post. But do any of you really know me? Today I will show a side of me I haven’t even shown to my family or friends. We’re about to get personal.  Continue reading


In the story of Cinderella the young girl is left in the care of her evil step mother and treated like a servant in her own castle. She is locked away from the world and not allowed to have the bare necessities that life requires. These are the fairy tales that young girls hear. But what if the fairy tales are actually someone’s real life story? That was the case of Zahra Baker. The difference is this wasn’t a fairy tale. There was no Prince Charming at the end to take her away and live happily ever after, and she wasn’t left in the care of her stepmother. Her father was in the picture he just turned a blind eye to the woman who was abusing his only child. Continue reading

Don’t Talk Back

Have you ever heard a teen talk back to their mother and wish that you could tell them to respect their elders? Have you ever wondered how some parents can let their child get away with complete disrespect? Well Julie Schenecker wasn’t going to be one of those mothers. She had two teenagers who she said had a mouth on them you wouldn’t believe. It was so bad that she decided to shoot her kids “in their mouthy mouths” as she wrote in her journal. Continue reading

My Journey to Motherhood

I think becoming a mother is the greatest thing a woman can do. To have a life growing inside that someday will go out into the world and try to make their mark. Every woman has their own story of this journey and this is mine. Continue reading

A Spice of Life w/ Suga: Emotional Scars

scarsEmotional Scars

In a lot of relationships abuse becomes a large part of it. Whether physical, emotional, or verbal, abuse can destroy a person’s self-esteem. I feel that the combination broke me all the way down. This is a two-part story of abuse, the abuse I suffered. I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and not be ashamed to tell their story and even more important, remove themselves from a dangerous situation. Continue reading

Helena Gudell’s WONDERLAND: Senator’s Son

allgoodSenator’s Son

I wanted to bring to light a topic that affects me and my family; the topic of mental health. Now as I stated before in my intro I have a child who has ADHD. This is not something that is bad parenting or I need to teach my kid to sit down. This is a real issue and it affects our whole family. Continue reading