WGMG XXI: Dark Matter

dark mat·ter [noun]


1. (in some cosmological theories) Non-luminous or material that is void of light postulated to exist in space and that could take any of several forms including weakly interacting particles (cold dark matter) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang (hot dark matter).

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Spice of Life w/Suga Q&A Session 11

Dear Suga,

I have a best friend who I love dearly but I feel like when it comes to her female friends she isn’t always there for us but bends over backwards over for men whether she’s dating them or not. I want her to stop but I don’t want her to get mad at me. What should I do?


Friend Sexism

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Who’s To Blame?

In the news we have all seen stories about children killing themselves from bullying. Phoebe Prince, Amanda Todd, and the story here in Florida that made national headlines… Rebecca Sedwick. That story went national because the Sheriff charged 2 young girls with her death. They were charged with felony counts of aggravated stalking. One of those charged was 12 and the other was 14. Continue reading